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First, We would like to take this time to thank all of the amazing artists who submitted artwork to this year’s show. Without you, this website would be a dark, lonely, empty void; so, thank you for sharing your dark vision and artwork with the underworld of the interweb and kicking off this celebration of the horror genre with us!

Secondly, Thank you to anyone out there who has stumbled upon this gallery, enjoyed any of it’s contents, and caught on to the Madness. You keep the art world alive, and your appreciation means everything  to us. Thanks for all the support!

Without further delay, It is our pleasure to present to you

Follow the link above to check out the haunting artwork in our gallery, and find out more about all of the artists featured here.

Again, thank you all for the support, and be sure to follow this blog for all our artists’ latest happenings, and everything horror related!


“Astaroth” by Joe Keinberger

Reaper Madness welcomes Joe Keinberger!

Born in New York in 1974, Joe moved to Massachusetts where he grew up in the one and a half horse town of Hingham, before moving to Boston to attend Mass Art. He now lives in Somerville where he paints and illustrates out of his hidden studio deep below the earth’s crust.

Joe will feature this piece entitled “Astaroth” along with others in the gallery this year.

You can see more of Joe’s work over at his website.

Astaroth by Joe Keinberger

Astaroth by Joe Keinberger

“All Hallows Totem” by Jessi Hardesty

Reaper Madness welcomes Jessi Hardesty!

Jessi Hardesty is a smallish, bat-loving printmaker with a penchant for burgers, Nintendo, and all things spooky. Hailing originally from just south of the Mason-Dixon line, she moved north and got her undergraduate degree in Printmaking from Salem State University in the infamous Witch City. She is currently attending the master’s program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in metro Detroit, where she is carving wood, playing with bones, throwing paint around, drinking too much coffee, and generally bringing the ruckus.

You can follow her many (mis)adventures on her two blogs:

Jessi will feature this HUGE 2′ x 4′ woodcut print in this year’s gallery.

All Hallows Totem by Jessi Hardesty

All Hallows Totem by Jessi Hardesty

“The Local” by Jacob Santa-Cruz

Reaper Madness welcomes Jacob Santa-Cruz!

Jacob Santa-Cruz is The Illustrating Man. Born in Salem and raised in Lynn Massachusetts, Jacob consumed a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, anime, and fine art consistently for the past few decades. The result of this influential cocktail is a man living to draw lines and cross them. The Illustrating Man exists to lead you along his inked path of creation. Where will it end?

You can find “the Local” and more of Jacob’s stuff over at his blog.

The Local by Jacob Santa-Cruz

The Local by Jacob Santa-Cruz

“Possessed by Skatin’!” by TALLBOY


Chris “TALLBOY” Coulon hails from Lynn, Massachusetts, where he grew up skateboarding with the bad boys. Taking influence from skate graphics, 80’s gore flicks, metal, punk, hardcore, comics, beer labels and all things WEIRD, Tallboy illustrates and screen prints his version of all the aforementioned things. Today he lives in San Diego, where he manages TALL MART, draws, skateboards, and enjoys all the wonderful craft beers of the region.

You can see “Possessed by Skatin!” and much more of Chris’ badass-beer-soaked artwork over at the official TALLBOY website.

While you’re at it, be sure to join up with the Tallboy army over at TALLMART.

Possessed by Skatin' by TALLBOY

Possessed by Skatin’ by TALLBOY



“Poelzig” by Haig Demarjian

Reaper Madness welcomes Haig Demarjian!

Haig Demarjian spent about 10 good years dumping buckets of blood sweat and tears into the legendary serial-killer superhero shock’n’roll extravaganza DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!  By day, he is a highly-trained artist/printmaker who (mostly) behaves himself as a professor of Art + Design at Salem State University in the infamous witch city of Salem, Massachusetts. By night, his work in the studio gives rise to all manner of demons and phantoms. And Super Inga. He lives with his wife and three children at the end of a dead-end street next to a haunted house.

Visit his virtual headquarters at

and check out the cute cashiers at

Haig will feature this mixed media gem entitled “Poelzig” – along with more.

Poelzig by Haig Demarjian

Poelzig by Haig Demarjian

“Piggy in a Blanket” by Chris Ferrino

Henchman to the Reaper and co-curator of Reaper Madness, Chris will be featuring his piece, “Piggy in a Blanket” along with other work in this year’s show.

Christopher Ferrino is a practicing mixed media artist from Massachusetts. Chris’ art has been featured on two consecutive album covers for the band Jukebox the Ghost and has shown in multiple galleries.
He enjoys horror movies, comics, and coffee.  He currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida….. it’s far too sunny for his liking.

Check out Chris’ facebook page, and like the hell out of him.

Piggy in a Blanket

Chris Ferrino – Piggy in a Blanket

“XIII” by Ronnie Demetrio

With less than 3 weeks until Halloween, we’re gearing up and counting the days until the opening of our virtual gallery doors.

We’ve been receiving some really incredible artwork and can’t wait to share the madness with you!

To commemorate the event, artist Ronnie Demetrio is exclusively unleashing this beast of a piece entitled, “XIII”

We’re still counting 10 more days until we close the window for gallery submissions. So, if you’re interested in being a part of this year’s madness, check out the Submission page and see how you can JOIN US!

Keep it creepy, you savage freaks!

-The Reaper

XIII - Ronnie Demetrio

“Boris” by Brian Ardolino

We’d like to welcome Brian Ardolino to Reaper Madness!

Brian is an artist currently inhabiting Witch City – Salem, MA.

You can find out more about Brian here.


Boris - Brian Ardolino

Boris – Brian Ardolino


“Evil Dead” by Ronnie Demetrio

The right-hand of the Reaper, and co-curator of Reaper Madness, Ronnie Demetrio will be featuring his piece “Evil Dead” for this year’s show.

He currently inhabits the Palisade Cliffs overlooking New York City where he practices the dark arts.

You can find out more about Ronnie on his blog  here.


Evil Dead – Ronnie Demetrio