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‘Conjoined IV: A New Beginning’ at Copro Gallery

Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA opened its newest group show last weekend, Conjoined IV: A New Beginning curated by Chet Zar. The Conjoined series of exhibitions have all been incredible, and this fourth installment of dimensional artwork continues that tradition of blowing the minds of anyone who come upon it. It features Classic sculptures, Lifelike & Life sized models, Surreal assemblages, mixed media paintings, Art Toys and other oddities. Looking through other site’s photos of opening night, this show looks like it’s one that NEEDS to be seen in person to gain the full appreciation of the work. Go check it out if you’re in Cali; but if you’re not, you can look at the online preview here.

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‘Supersonic Electronic’ at Spoke Art

Currently on it’s final day on view @ Spoke Art Gallery, the third annual Supersonic Electronic group show features work from some of my personal favorites: Aaron Nagel, Jason Edmiston, Tom Bagshaw, Zoltron, Erik Jones, as well as 36 other talented artists. It’s a very cool thing when you explore an exhibition because of artists you’re familiar with, and then you stumble across a bunch of other really great artists you had not been familiar with previously. Seamus Conley, Cam Floyd, Alessandra Maria, and Joao Ruas all fall into this category for me. All of the works in the show were interesting, but their works really grabbed me. Thank you Gods of Syncronicity!

“Tarot Under Oath” Opening Tonight at Last Rites Gallery

Tonight, Last Rites Gallery opens the doors of its brand new location for the reception of Tarot Under Oath – guest curated by Aunia Kahn. Aunia previously curated the LowBrow Tarot show at La Luz De Jesus in LA – which was incredible – so I’ve been looking forward to seeing what kind of new interpretations these artists will bring to the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The show has a good mix of talented artists, who all bring a different style and approach to their depictions of the Tarot.

Artists include: Lori Field, Julie Zarate, Aunia Kahn, Tom Bagshaw, Vincent Castiglia, Jasmine Worth, Dilka Bear, Jeremy Hush, J.A.W. Cooper, Bec Winnel, Melissa Hartley, Craww, Jared Joslin, Gustavo Rimada, Ransom & Mitchell, Scott Scheidly, Brian Despain, Jason Levesque, Tatiana Suarez, N.C. Winters, Sarah Joncas and Lara Dann. The exhibition will coincide with the release of a companion art book of the same title, featuring the artwork, artist statements and more.

Last Rites has always been one of my favorite exhibition spaces to see art in NYC, and I can’t wait to see what the new location on W. 38th ST looks like. You can check out the online preview of the show here, but if you’re in the NYC area you can view this amazing show in person from Jan. 25th – March 1st.

Tarot Under Oath @ Last Rites Gallery