Last Rites Gallery NYC – Inaugural Show at New Location

Yesterday was the final day of the inaugural group show “Last Rites” at the NEW Last Rites Gallery and Tattoo Theatre location on West 38th St. The theme of this show asked artists to interpret the concept of Last Rites. There were a lot of diverse interpretations of the concept, as well many different mediums utilized from the group of 40 incredible artists.
Wikepedia defines last rites (in the Catholic tradition) as: meant to prepare the dying person’s soul for death, by providing absolution for sins by penance, sacramental grace and prayers for the relief of suffering through anointing, and the final administration of the Eucharist, known as “Viaticum,” which is Latin for “provision for the journey.”
With that in mind, it was interesting to see how some of these artists illustrate and riff on the idea. You can see some pics from our visit below, or view the entire show preview here.

We also loved the new space itself. It’s HUGE! 3 floors worth of morbid and crazy shit on it’s walls! We took our time to drool all over the excellent decor and HR Giger collection. That’s right folks. A goddamn Giger collection.
The main floor really allows the artwork to breath. The upstairs features a lounge area with couches where you can take in a bunch of other great artworks from the likes of Travis Louie, David Stoupakis, Paul Booth, and an entire section dedicated to Giger’s work. The lower level is like stepping into a crypt. Large paintings and robed-ghouls painted with red ambient light watch over the many who enter here and receive some ink from the very talented Tattooists working in this dungeon. Last Rites has really outdone itself, and we look forward to stopping by for future shows, and maybe even some fresh ink.

Artists include:
William Basso, Dilek Baykara, Murielle Belin, Matthew Bone, Scott G Brooks, Matt Buck, Santiago Caruso, Colin Christian, Christopher Conte, Rory Coyne, Crajes, Yoko d’Holbachie, Matt Dangler, Brian Despain, Leslie Ditto, Gerard Di-Maccio, Naoto Hattori, Chris Haas, Fred Harper, Fay Helfer, Luke Kopycinksi, Craig LaRotonda, Kari-Lise Alexander, Michael Mararian, Angie Mason, Marco Mazzoni, menton3, Billy Norrby, Richard J Oliver, Shane Pierce, Xiao Qing Ding, Allison Sommers, Beau Stanton, David Stoupakis, Heiidi Taillefer, Brian Viveros, Adam Wallacavage, Eric Wilkerson, Jasmine Worth, Vincent Xeus, Hannah Faith Yata, Kate Zambrano, Chet Zar


Kris Kuksi and Riusuke Fukahori at Joshua Liner Gallery

It was the final week to view Kris Kuksi‘s ‘Revival’ and Riusuke Fukahori’s The Painted Breath’ at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC, and I had finally made my way down to the gallery to see these incredible works of art in person. Better late than never, as they say.

I had previously seen Kuksi’s ‘Triumph at Joshua Liner’s former space almost two years prior, and knew I couldn’t miss seeing this new body of work. I had also seen several things written about Fukahori’s work and the process in which he patiently creates his three-dimensional looking paintings of goldfish; and I became even more psyched to see this show. Both artists’ processes in creating their art are equally fascinating and both very different.

Kuksi-Unveiled Obscurity

Kuksi is an avid collector of models, toys, figurines, and other ornate oddities. He takes these found objects and intricately assembles them into scenes which are both beautiful and grotesque all at once. In most of his work, he starts with a geometric form and then adds layers upon layers of different elements – orchestrating them into a chaotic entanglement of plaster, plastic, and god knows what else. Customizing nearly every piece that is glued into place – I can only imagine how long some of these might take to accomplish. The totality of each piece draws on both the beauty of Renaissance sculpture and the detail of ornate Gothic and Rococo architecture. Kuksi’s work touches on many qualities of the human condition: violence, war, religion, self-destruction, evolution, sex, chaos, pride, tranquility, and toilet humor – there’s really something for everyone. While the overall imagery in most of his work appears macabre and post-apocalyptic, you can often times find hidden humorous elements peppered amongst the ruins and landscapes; which I think really shows Kris is having fun and loves what he is creating.

Further down the gallery walls, a giant canvas with a bright orange goldfish painted on it welcomes us to the back half of Liner’s exhibition. Stepping into this half of the gallery, I imagine Riusuke Fukahori to have the patience of a Buddhist monk. He uses layers of resin and paint to build up an image and give it a three-dimensional appearance. When I first saw his work online, I thought they were photos of goldfish… and then I read on. After a layer of resin is dried, he paints a portion of the fish, and repeats this several times until the fish look good enough to eat. Resin is poured… underfins are painted… more resin… body and head appear… resin… more body details appear… resin… scales are added… you get the idea. This whole process can take him months to complete a relatively small piece. By the time he is finished, you would swear you’re looking at a real-live-fish in water.

Fukahori-The Sun

The photos I’m sharing here can only give you a keyhole perspective of the works presented in this show. From them, you can get the idea, but all these need to be seen in person to really do them justice. When you examine these from all angles in physical space, you will be left in amazement and soon be skeptical of what is real.

‘Conjoined IV: A New Beginning’ at Copro Gallery

Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA opened its newest group show last weekend, Conjoined IV: A New Beginning curated by Chet Zar. The Conjoined series of exhibitions have all been incredible, and this fourth installment of dimensional artwork continues that tradition of blowing the minds of anyone who come upon it. It features Classic sculptures, Lifelike & Life sized models, Surreal assemblages, mixed media paintings, Art Toys and other oddities. Looking through other site’s photos of opening night, this show looks like it’s one that NEEDS to be seen in person to gain the full appreciation of the work. Go check it out if you’re in Cali; but if you’re not, you can look at the online preview here.

Click to enlarge

‘Supersonic Electronic’ at Spoke Art

Currently on it’s final day on view @ Spoke Art Gallery, the third annual Supersonic Electronic group show features work from some of my personal favorites: Aaron Nagel, Jason Edmiston, Tom Bagshaw, Zoltron, Erik Jones, as well as 36 other talented artists. It’s a very cool thing when you explore an exhibition because of artists you’re familiar with, and then you stumble across a bunch of other really great artists you had not been familiar with previously. Seamus Conley, Cam Floyd, Alessandra Maria, and Joao Ruas all fall into this category for me. All of the works in the show were interesting, but their works really grabbed me. Thank you Gods of Syncronicity!

The Creepshow Collection

In the spirit of the season, we decided to put together a collection of some of our favorite images to pay tribute to the Horror Gods. So, step right up and and feast your eyes upon some of the most diabolical creations ever to materialize on the interweb in our Creepshow Collection. 

Creepshow Collection


First, We would like to take this time to thank all of the amazing artists who submitted artwork to this year’s show. Without you, this website would be a dark, lonely, empty void; so, thank you for sharing your dark vision and artwork with the underworld of the interweb and kicking off this celebration of the horror genre with us!

Secondly, Thank you to anyone out there who has stumbled upon this gallery, enjoyed any of it’s contents, and caught on to the Madness. You keep the art world alive, and your appreciation means everything  to us. Thanks for all the support!

Without further delay, It is our pleasure to present to you

Follow the link above to check out the haunting artwork in our gallery, and find out more about all of the artists featured here.

Again, thank you all for the support, and be sure to follow this blog for all our artists’ latest happenings, and everything horror related!