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Monster MAYhem Artist Challenge

We want to see what kinds of creatures are lurking around the corners of your brain.

Amorphous blobs of toxic nuclear garbage? YES!
Rabid winged invertebrates with hundreds of eyes and teeth? SURE!
Inter-dimensional ape-creatures with the head of Gary Busey? MADNESS!
Whether its something that would creep out HP Lovecraft, or a cross-dressing Creature from the Black Lagoon… We challenge YOU to give it life!

We invite you to wreak some havoc on the internet with us for the entire month of May by creating a monster for our Monster MAYhem challenge.  The most menacing creation will win a Reaper Madness t-shirt and other shwag.

Tag your photos with #MonsterMayhem and @Reapermadnessart, or post ’em on our Facebook page. Don’t use social media? Good! Email us and check out our submission page.
Submissions are open NOW through May 31st. A different Monster will be featured on our page everyday in May.

Join in on the halfway to Halloween party with us, win some free stuff, and punch a hole in the Internet! MAYhem!



“Possessed by Skatin’!” by TALLBOY


Chris “TALLBOY” Coulon hails from Lynn, Massachusetts, where he grew up skateboarding with the bad boys. Taking influence from skate graphics, 80’s gore flicks, metal, punk, hardcore, comics, beer labels and all things WEIRD, Tallboy illustrates and screen prints his version of all the aforementioned things. Today he lives in San Diego, where he manages TALL MART, draws, skateboards, and enjoys all the wonderful craft beers of the region.

You can see “Possessed by Skatin!” and much more of Chris’ badass-beer-soaked artwork over at the official TALLBOY website.

While you’re at it, be sure to join up with the Tallboy army over at TALLMART.

Possessed by Skatin' by TALLBOY

Possessed by Skatin’ by TALLBOY